Urban integration and the nexus


Matt Watson contributed to a panel at a research conference in Sheffield on 13th September, drawing together diverse perspectives on the chaotic and contested notion of urban integration. The panel was organised by Simon Marvin, Director of the Urban Institute, and pulled together researchers from across the Faculty of Social Sciences at Sheffield. Matt’s contribution critically engaged the ways ‘nexus’ fits into and is appropriated to imaginaries of urban integration.

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The domestic nexus team contributes to ‘Nexus Thinking’ at the RGS Annual Conference

‘Nexus Thinking’ was the theme for this year’s Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference, signalling the salience of the nexus in research as well as policy debated. Chaired by Peter Jackson, a member of this project’s advisory board, this major conference drew together hundreds of Geographers. The project was represented by Ali Browne, who presented a paper entitled  The domestic nexus’: critiques, provocations and opportunities for applying ‘the nexus’ to thinking about water-energy-food in homes, as part of a session, Vexing the Nexus, which she co-organised with colleagues from University of Manchester.
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The urban nexus: infrastructures, politics and spatialities


A roundtable conference in the French town of Autun, organised by Olivier Coutard and Jochen Monstadt, was a great opportunity to push new thinking on urban infrastructures in relation to the nexus in cities. Matt Watson’s paper, co-authored with Elizabeth Shove, developed from work in the DEMAND centre to engage with the urban nexus agenda. The paper sets out and seeks to work through the concept of ‘infrastructuration’ as a means of approaching the recursive relations between infrastructures of resource provision, and the everyday practices that constitute the demand for those resources.

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Join the team on Reshaping the Domestic Nexus

We are now looking for a postdoctoral researcher to join us on this exciting project. Full details of the post are available here, with application closing date of August 24th.

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New chapter for the Nexus at Home team

Today the Nexus at Home team set off on a new stage of their research agenda. Through the workshops series of the posts below, we enabled the gathering of existing knowledge on how practice theory and related approaches have shed new light on householder’s consumption of resources, and worked through the saliency of the ‘nexus’ framing for advancing that knowledge. We have now secured funding from the ESRC Nexus Network to make the knowledge useful for informing policy intervention. Over the next year, we will be working with partners in DECC, Defra, FSA and Waterwise to better understand how knowledge informs policy, as a basis for working together to understand how a distinctive field of current social science research can be better articulated with those process.

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About the project

Reshaping the Domestic Nexus is a project bringing together academics from leading research groups with policy partners in BEIS, DEFRA, FSA and Waterwise. The researchers are from research groups which have been at the forefront of new ways of understanding how householders’ routine activities end up demanding resources, including of energy, food and water. This project’s purpose is to make that understanding useful for informing actual policy processes with our policy partners.

The research is being led by Matt Watson at the University of Sheffield, with Mike Foden, David Evans, and Liz Sharp, also at the University of Sheffield, and Ali Browne at the University of Manchester.

The project is funded by the ESRC Nexus Network 

You can find out more about the project here.

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Final report published

The final report of the 2015 domestic nexus workshop series has been published on the Nexus Network site. Read it here.

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